Youngsters take dance titles

A dance group has waltzed its way to win a haul of trophies at the Junior Freestyle and Rock n Roll medallist of the year competition. Caspers freestyle dance, Brighouse, saw children aged 13 and under take part in the north east section, held in Durham. Claire Lambert, principle of Caspers said: “The results were fantastic. “The children were determined to do well that weekend, the effort that was put in was outstanding and was so impressed and they should be very proud too.


“We don’t have many in the younger age group so to come away with those results was something worth smiling about.” Maddison Eastwood finished first in the Rossettes Solo category while Neil Platts came out on top in the three to five Rossettes Rock n Roll section. Other winners in their respective divisions included Shonte Cannonierr, Kierron Collins and Bethany Turner, Cassidy Cox, Amy Posner, Cara Wood and Steven Wilson. Members Neve Wood, Danielle Leader, Billie Lambert, Kim Ainsley, Joe Garbutt, Aimee Clark, Molly Jakeman, Ely Lockwood, Jordan Egan also claimed top five finishes.


Published 10 Nov 2012

A long but terrific day at dance finals

Caspers freestyle dancers have impressed at the International Dance Teachers Association Street National Finals 2013 this month. The Brighouse group qualified for the event at Fenton Manor Sports Complex in Stoke-on-Trent in the regional heats last summer.

Claire Lambert, principal at Caspers, said: “ We had only taken a small group as our main style of dance is freestyle and rock n’ roll but all qualified in the street dance.

“It was a very long day in Stoke but it was a terrific occasion.”



One dancer who had an exceptional day was Maddison Eastwood competing in the six-years-old and under category. After many tiring rounds she made the final and took centre floor for her moment in the spotlight. “Maddison, even at such a young age, didn’t let it phase her and confidently strutted her stuff,” said Claire.” After the nerve-racking count down Maddison took first place. We were all so proud of her.” Next to perform was the group’s Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell who performed in the nine-years-old and under street solo competition. She steamed through the rounds and got to the final. With speed and determination, she triumphed in a very hard and competitive category.

In the 13-years-old and under boys section Caspers had Joe Garbutt popping and breaking. After winning last year’s national competition in the younger age group, this year was a tougher challenge as he was competing against boys a lot older than himself but did the group proud coming in third place which was a massive achievement as the standard was extremely high. Steve Wilson was the representative in the 18 to 25 year. Known as the jelly man for his extreme suppleness, he definitely didn’t let the side down coming in at third place. In the nine-years-old and under pairs section, Maddison Eastwood teamed up with Billie Lambert and came a respectable fourth. Joe Garbutt was in action again as he and his partner Ely Lockwood reached the final in the 13 and under pairs section. Cassandra Firth and Steve Wilson came third in their pair category while the group of Billie Lambert, Joe Garbutt, Ely Lockwood and Emma Broadbent finished joint third.Also taking part in the event were Destiny Maximilian, Jess Groves and Kim Ansley who all made the day one to remember.


Published 28 Mar 2013

Dancers triumph in a winter wonderland

The dance school has just competed at the 2013 Nationwide Freestyle and Rock n Roll competition at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Qualifying competitions have been held all across the UK to reach the finals.

Groups Hardcore in the 18 to 25 category and C’est La vie in the over 36s, representing the north east area, both triumphed in their categories.

Dance teacher Claire Lambert from Caspers said: “The standard was extremely high in all categories . It was so exciting and as you can imagine their hard work had paid off .”



In the three-five year rosette girl category for freestyle, Neve Wood was in such a big competition round after round and finishing with her solo routine, she swooped into first place.

Destiny Maximilian and Autumn Blakey topped last year’s second place by going one better in the in the 18 to 25 year freestyle pairs.

In the 18 to 25 year freestyle man solo Steven Wilson scooped first place after a brilliantly sharp solo spot while Chloe Ennis danced her way to first place in the over 36 category.

The rosette rock n roll aged three to five years saw several heats with several heats of age 3 to 5 girls . After many rounds Danielle Leader partnered by Billie Lambert and Neve Wood partnered by Leanne Trunkwald made it to the final.

Danielle Leader took 6th place and Neve Wood took another top spot.

Duo Amy Posner and Craig Hornigold were triumphant in the star dance rock n roll category.

In the freestyle solos six to eight rosette Mia Lawrence fired her way through the heats to take third place followed by Daisy Campbell in the nine and under section who also took third. Joe Garbutt and Kieron Collins both with their partners Elicia Lockwood and Rhona Campbell danced their hearts out and took third and fourth and 18 to 25 year pairs Craig Hornigold and Leanne Trunkwald won a very deserving second place followed by Shonte Cannonier and Mia Lawrence in the under nine coming in at fourth place.

Freya Gledhill in the 14 to 17 age group fought for her place literally after a box split jump was taken to Freya’s throat. She continued through the heats and come out with second place.
The 18 to 25 years again saw a fierce competition with two Casper girls in this final . Danielle Richardson with her uber spins came fifth and Destiny Maximilian powered her way to fourth .